Thursday, December 3, 2009


Looking back over the last few years I see that blogging has enmeshed itself in the very fiber of my life. Although I have not spent much time here of late, the effects are in my life every day.

It seems that it would be unrealistic to call someone a "friend" if you have not really met. However, I have met a few of you in person and it has solidified our relationships. A few others I have spoken with by phone and other forms of communication and we have stood by one another through good times and rough times.

When I post new pictures of Isabella, I get the same reactions here that I get from my friends and family I "see" in person. Every time we conquer a battle for Bells' education or when she makes progress, I have a virtual cheering section.

If I am sick or sad, I get encouragement and prayers. When you are sick or need encouragement, I deem it an honor to be able to pray for you and send you a bit of "g" wisom and cheer!

What I am saying is I appreciate you and count you a blessing in my life! Thank you for being here.

Let's do a falderal on Thursday to change things up:

How long have you been blogging: About three and a half years now.

Why did you start? I'm not really sure. I enjoyed reading other people's blogs and I enjoy writing so it seemed natural to start.

Have you met anyone from blogland in person? Yes. I have met Lols and Texas Mammie and they are as wonderful in person as they are here!

What has slowed you down in blogworld, if, indeed, you have slowed down? If you haven't slowed down, what has kept you going? I must confess that facebook is one culprit but mostly it is the changes spaces has made. We now have to work harder to see what is going on with our friends.

How in the world are you? I am pretty well, thank you very much. We are experiencing weird weather and it is making a mess of our sinuses but our health is pretty good.

God bless all of you, g

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  1. Hey I just realized you were over here too. I used to have a blogspot but stopped it. I think it's easier to read over here and takes less time to load. Have a great weekend! Carol : )