Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We Came, We Walked, We Conquered!

Team Isabella was in force for the Walk for Autism Speaks! We are different colors and shapes and ages. Boys, girls, women and men all out in force to support not only a little girl who stole our hearts from the moment she was born, but all people the autism spectrum has touched.

We have rarely needed the services of this wonderful organization but believe it worthy of our time and efforts. For more information, click here.

Towards the end of the 1.6 miles, Isabella had had enough. Her three uncles took turns carrying her 50+ pounds to the finish line. The noise and the crowds proved to be too much for her. She didn't even say hello to her teacher or best friend but this was okay. It is what it is.

Afterwards, we went out for brunch continuing our celebration of our love our precious girl. I asked everyone if it was okay for me to share our story and our picture. They were all eager to be included.

Next, several of us went to a book signing for Chicken Boy (click on Chicken Boy). This is an adorable book explaining a boy's autism in his own words. Very short and to the point.

After this, I quickly fell asleep and napped for three hours straight!

A good day, indeed.

Thank you for all your support! g

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ten Things Tuesday

I am shamelessly stealing this idea from Ruth. I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps lately so I need to think on things that bring happiness to me:

1 - Number one on any list like this has to be the joy of my salvation in Jesus Christ. I may not always "feel" the joy but I know He never changes.

2 - Being a grandmother is a big happiness producer. Being Isabella's grandmother might just double that.

3 - Hearing from an old friend out of the blue. It's so nice to be thought of.

4 - Knowing that my son and I can watch superhero movies together, something he doesn't share with his dad - only me.

5 - When my daughter calls me to chat. There was a time when we didn't speak to one another.

6 - Being able to talk with my mom. I am so glad that she is still around. There was a time when we didn't speak either.

7 - Crisp, autumn days are a delight to me. You can keep the tropics; give me the Atlantic northeast in autumn! I even like the word "autumn."

8 - Dark chocolate can bring me some happiness. Finding out it is healthy for me near to brought a tear to my eye!

9 - That Himself and I are healthy enough to work out and maintain a pretty healthy lifestyle. It will be interesting to live alone together if The Boy ever moves out. We have never lived alone as a couple.

10 - I am happy that we have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and clothing on our backs.

There is more but I will stop here. There is a lot I can be happy about. It is my choice whether or not I take advantage of it. Sometimes I don't. Shame on me. I have so much to be thankful for.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Team Isabella Walks Again

This Sunday, for the third year, Team Isabella will walk for Autism Speaks, an organization which helps families affected by autism.

We walk because:

...Isabella is Boo and I am Booboo, team captain.

...although Isabella can speak, she still can not express herself in a "typical" way.

...every 11 minutes, another family receives the devastating news that their child has a form of autism. least 1 in 88 children are on the spectrum.

...parents and families and people on the spectrum need a place to go for resources. is needed for research. Yes, we want to know what causes autism. Yes, we want the option to cure and prevent it.

...because we want to at least FEEL like we are doing something, anything to make a difference.

...because, when I spend time with my friend's neuro-typical four year old, I mourn a little bit despite loving Isabella just as she is.

...because we love.

If you would like to make a donation to Autism Speaks through Team Isabella, you can contact me at

Many blessings, g

Friday, May 11, 2012

Falderal Friday

Ah, Friday. It has been a longish week but not bad. My car still needs repairs but I am thankful for how much is within walking distance of my home.

After the A to Z Challenge, I am back to my old habit of slacking off but will try to keep up with the falderal.

What do you think of Mother's Day? (heavy sigh) I don't like being told when to appreciate people. Each time I speak with my mom I end the call with, "I love you." We don't give Christmas and birthday presents but we give I love you presents throughout the year. Not expensive, fancy things but things we really think the other will like. I give chocolate and biscotti and I have received a water filtering system (Brita). As for Mother's Day around here, I appreciate it when Himself makes dinner for me. However, I feel obligated to go to his Mother's place.

Do you have a bedtime routine? I have to confess that I watch way too much tv and stay on the computer too late into the night. I don't sit all evening...well, I do but I don't. I'll get up and floss. Then I'll get up and brush my teeth. Then I'll take my evening meds. I try to read a bit and then I'll pray. Hopefully, I sleep. It hasn't been very easy to fall asleep lately.

Is there a personal behavior you are trying to change? In the last ten years or so, I have been seriously trying to curb my tongue. Last night, I asked a friend if she had noticed a change and she said yes. She also said she can see when I am straining to say something and holding back! The biggest thing I want to work on now is my tone of voice. I can say something kindly and the same things can be said with a sting. I want to be kind.

Early morning or late night? Believe it or not, when I was in high school, I woke up way earlier than I needed to. Now, I would stay up until two or three AM if I could. Those mellow hours are lovely to me.

Have to go so that is it for now. Please let me know your answers. It is great to get to know you better! blessings, g

Monday, May 7, 2012

An Award

Oh, Nikki, what would I do without you? I have had brain freeze about blogging since the A to Z Challenge and now you honor me with this award!

Here are the required 10 random facts about me:

1. Although I list my hometown as Brooklyn, NY, but I lived there for only a week after I was born. My folks moved out of Brooklyn when Mom was five months pregnant with me but wanted to stay with her doctor and so went back to give birth to me.

2. When I order coffee in a restaurant (decaf because caffeine gets me VERY sick), I feel cheated if I don't drink at least two cups full. Free refills are required.

3. Nikki, I was taught to not visit others empty handed so I would probably bring cake, too, if we got together!

4. To me, camping is to be avoided at all costs. Even when I went to Girl Scout Camp, we had flush toilets, running hot and cold water and "tents" that were up on wooden platforms with bed frames for our sleeping bags. Most of our meals were in a mess hall.

5. Even before the grilling season starts, I am sick of hot dogs and hamburgers. I am quite content to cook in the house and leave the grilling to others (the grill scares me).

6. I really, really, really want to have long hair. Alas, my hair is not thick enough and just looks shabby if it is longer than the bottom of my neck.

7. I ask a lot of questions because this is how I learn and I love to learn! This drives big picture people insane and I have learned to tone down my question asking around these people.

8. When I was four years old, I really wanted to ride a two wheel bike. My dad helped for a while but soon got tired of it. He promised me a new two wheeler if I learned on my own. We had a parking lot next door to us and I tried and I tried and I tried and, that Christmas, there was a turquoise colored two wheel bike by the tree for me!

9. If you tell me something, I will believe you for I am quiet literal. If I found out you lied or exaggerated, I will never, ever completely believe you again.

10. If you are hungry, I will feed you. And you will enjoy it.

Now I have to choose six people to enjoy this award with me. How about Marie, Amy, Angie, Martha, Kaycee, and Nita.

I would love to ask more....Have a blessed week!