Saturday, May 29, 2010

Success is Sweet

The Walk for Autism Speaks was a resounding success. Over 4000 people showed up and we are nearing the monetary goal set by our chapter. I was so proud of our team. Two people didn't show up for our team due to illness but two other adults and two children took their place unexpectedly!

Recently, I read that, in the future not so distant future, autism will be the health care issue to be more concerned about than elder care when it comes to finances. It's reported that every 20 minutes another child is diagnosed. Sounds like a pandemic to me because the autism rates are consistent around the world.

Himself and his fellow behavior detection officers at the airport were given training having to do with recognizing autistic behavior as opposed to someone just being obnoxious or mentally unstable, e.g. someone exhibiting echolalia. This type of training is taking place in police departments in some areas, too. It is wonderful to see!

Isabella looks at me and asks, "Do you love me?" Where that came from I will never know. I'll bet you know the answer! She is my heart.

Thank you for caring so much, dear ones. Bless you all.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Walk in the Park

Tomorrow, we walk 1.3 miles to cap off a time of fundraising. My team and I have collected over two thousand dollars for the organization Autism Speaks which raises awareness, funds research and assists families in this "club" we belong to.

Did we choose autism? No. Do we want a cure? I do, some don't. We have a wonderful child in our lives who just happens to have autism. She sometimes makes gains in her journey bringing her more and more into this world and we see our girl's inner self emerge more. She is fun and happy and a joy in our lives.

Other families have no idea if their children are happy or if they know love. They seem to be far, far away in another world. It is for these children and for their loved ones, as much if not more than for our own, that we collect and walk and pray.

When autism speaks, are we able to listen? Sometimes only with our hearts.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Routine?

Being someone who doesn't like change all that much, the fact that I have been thinking that I need a change in routine is a bit odd. It's not that my life isn't fulfilling because it is. It would be nice, though, to have some choices.

One choice I would make would be to be fibromyalgia free for a while. Usually, I don't even notice the pain I live with daily. It is just part of my life and I accept it. However, when I have a night like last night, where the pain woke me so often, well, it would be nice to sleep uninterrupted. Also, I would like to be able to make plans without having alternatives planned just in case the fms flares up.

Another choice would be to have the concentration to go back to school or hold down a job. FMS works havoc on one's concentration. Just the thought of going back to work causes anxiety deep within me.

I know that every school day I need to be available to pick up Isabella at 2:30. Do I have a choice in this? I could refuse but who would do it? Today, it would have been lovely to take a nap to make up for last night's lost sleep. Yet, here I sit, with The Little Mermaid on for the fifth time in three days.

A friend recently wondered out loud what her life would have been like had she taken the path she originally planned. We won't ever find out, will we? This is not the life I planned either. However, we are where we are and can either dwell on the past in times of doubt or press on and make the best of where our choices have led us.

Sometimes overwhelmed but always blessed. I suppose that sums up my life right now. That's not too bad, right?