Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Friday Falderal, June 29, 2012

No matter how I try, getting this done weekly is beyond me. Oh, well, let's start, shall we?

Here in the Great Atlantic Northeast, we are facing hot, humid weather. If you get frizz from humidity, how do you deal with it?

I've been waiting for quite some time for a Keratin Express treatment but my daughter hasn't found the time for me! The greyer I get the curlier I get so I just let my hair dry naturally.

Getting your hair cut/styled - drudgery or enjoyment?

As my niece is my stylist, it is a sheer joy. She is such a great person and I love spending time with her. Also, her children, three and two years old, get to know their dear Auntie g!

This one may seem strange but I want to know: I read that, in some places, it was unusual, when someone dies, to have an open casket at the wake. Where you live, do you have wakes? Open casket or closed? Do you have a repast (meal for those who join you in mourning) after the burial?

Unless the deceased was disfigured by an accident or whatever, we have open casket although cremation is becoming more and more popular with a memorial service instead of a wake and funeral. We do have a repast either at a restaurant or at home where it is usually catered. If the memorial service is at my church, and some other churches, a number of people will cook and serve the people who attend.

This week, I saw the movie "Brave" which takes place in Scotland. I love, love, love Scottish, Irish and English accents. I also love the Kenyan accent. Is there an accent you love to hear?

Himself and I are trying to figure out where to retire. Where we live is simply too expensive. Tell me where you think we out to go and why.

Life is never boring around here and there is rarely a lack of things to do. As I type this, I am waiting for my mother-in-lve to finish having her hair done at the beauty parlor. She is no longer driving and we, my brother-in-law, husband and I take turns driving her where she needs to go. I guess that would be called the "circle of life." Mom took care of us all these years and now it is time to help her.

Any ideas on what to do with Isabella in this heat? We will probably go to the library this afternoon. They have a nice children's room with toys and it seems to be the place to be on hot days. Still, I would like to find somewhere else that is cheap or free.

The weekend is upon us. Any plans? The only thing I know we are doing is praying for missionaries in what we call "creative access" countries (those countries which do not allow missionaries) with friends. Other than that, we will see.

Bless you, g

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day Book, June 20, 2012

The Simple Woman's Day Book


Outside my window...the noise of people working on lawns and whatever else before the heat of day settles in.

I am thinking...that I would like to live in a less congested area.

I am thankful...for a working air conditioner. It is supposed to get into the high 90'sF or 35.5 or higher C.

In the kitchen...the freshly washed floor is drying and I have more straightening to do.

I am pajamas until I finish housework.

I am creating...a frittata for lunch.

I am regret not trying to take a nap this morning!

I am wondering...if Isabella is truly sick or if her allergies are getting the best of her.

I am reading...Lis Wiehl's newest thriller, Eyes of Justice.

I am hoping...for safety for those who do not have air conditioning.

I am looking forward parents' visit today. We do not see each other often enough.

I am not take life so seriously.

Around the many things to do that I am overwhelmed.

I am pondering...whether or not the smell of the fish I made last night is gone.

A favorite quote for today...God's mercies are new every morning.

One of my favorite things...old movies in black and white.

A few plans for the rest of the week: play dates - summer is here.

A peek into my day...kindergarten graduation two days ago.


Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Falderal June 9, 2012

It's been a while but here is another edition of the Friday Falderal! Won't you share your answers?

How do you feel about summer? Do you enjoy hot weather? Summer is my nemesis. Himself wants to move to Florida but two or three months of heat and humidity is about all I can take! Hopefully, The Girl will give me a Keratin Express treatment tomorrow to fight the frizz.

Burgers, hot dogs or not thank you? It's that time of year in the great Atlantic northeast where we are bbq'ing and the burgers and "dogs" are on the grill. I'll indulge in a hot dog maybe three times a year - can you say mystery meat? Burgers on occasion. I'd rather just eat salad and add a protein like chicken or feta cheese.

Swim or air conditioning? Anyone who has been visiting here for a while know that I do NOT like being wet! No, I didn't nearly drown when I was a child. I have no idea why this is but bathing is the extent of my wetness factor. I'll take air conditioning over the pool.

You just found out your niece, her husband and their child are stopping by for a visit and it is dinner time. You have only enough for your little family. What do you do? My grandmother always said you can always add pasta to the pot. If you have a small steak, either put it in the fridge or cook it and slice it really thin and make a steak salad! Feeding people is what I do. Bring it on.

Impromptu or planned get togethers? Impromptu are the best for me. I tend to get anxious if I think about HAVING to be somewhere.

What's up with you? Hope all is well in your world. Blessings from the great Atlantic northeast.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


The Simple Woman's Daybook June Edition

FOR TODAY (Join in by visiting The Simple Woman's Daybook )

Outside my window...there is a cool breeze in the dark night.

I am thinking...that I have a lot of spring gardening to complete before summer gets here.

I am thankful...Himself and I are in good enough health to be able to take care of our precious Isabella.

In the kitchen...the dishwasher is winding down - yea for dishwashers!

I am a baptism tomorrow at church. I love baptism services! (We baptize by immersion when someone is old enough to make their own decision to follow Jesus.)

I am to make ends meet.

I am reading...a Women's Murder Club novel.

I am stay healthy and to not have my condition progress any further.

I am looking forward to...glory.

I am to bite my tongue and think more before I speak.

Around the house...the pile of The Girl's laundry is finally getting smaller.

One of my favorite quiet evenings alone.

A few plans for the rest of the week... getting my hair dyed and a keratin express treatment!