Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Television: Liberator, Captor or Time Vampire

The dvr (digital video recorder) is a blessing and a bane. Before we had one, we missed shows
because they were on at the same time another favorite show was on or because it was on too
late. We would hope to catch the missed show on summer reruns.

Now, we can record two shows at a time whilst watching a recorded show. Isabella's favorite
shows are always on tap and, I must admit, we do use them way too much. Let's blame it on
lack of energy to engage in more constructive activities.

Well, our dvr has been rather persnickety lately. Let's just say it makes watching
television "interesting." Therefore, we got a new one delivered and will be setting it up
tomorrow. Problem is we can't transfer the recorded shows to the new dvr so I stayed up way to late to watch my recorded programs!

I know that there is so much more I could be doing. Reading would be a great option.
Cleaning. Catching up on correspondence - yea, right. But here I sit fast forwarding
through commercials and seeing what Jack Bauer will do next to save the US of A.

What DO people with low energy do without tv? There are things I need to do for the Autism Speaks walk. It is more than a month away but will be here before I know it. I could be researching things to do with Isabella instead of letting her watch "Little Bear" until she can script whole shows.

My house hasn't had a good dusting in so long that I could probably sculpt small, furry creatures on any flat surface. Maybe I exaggerate but I really need to do some deep cleaning. Exercise. Oh, how I need exercise.

Truth is, tv is my down time. All day long I try to keep up with what needs to be done. So much doesn't get done because of my low energy but we keep it together somehow. I keep up with the latest announcements from Autism Speaks on facebook and read blogs written by people living with autism. One is actually written by someone WITH autism. This is a form of education.

Maybe I will try to leave the tv off during the day. Tomorrow. Or maybe the next day.
Hope you are keeping busy in a way that keeps you smiling, g

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  1. We didn’t have a TV in my household until I was 14, so I spent my downtime outside most of the times getting up to no good, allegedly.

    The folks bought a TV to keep tabs on me & it worked... for a while.