Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a Difference Four Years Makes

Yippers; I have been blogging for four years now. Seems longer somehow.

Four years ago I was still in my 40's and maybe twenty pounds thinner, Isabella wasn't yet a year old and the Boy was still in high school.

We have been through rehab, an autism diagnosis and numerous dramas with our children til I thought I would scream.

We have been through numerous medical emergencies with Himself's parents and lost one of them just a couple of months ago.

We almost lost our house.

We have given and received love from all four of our parents, our children and our wonderful grandchild.

We have seen a little girl who screamed and spoke gibberish become a pretty well behaved child who speaks fairly well and is the happiest person we know. Progress has been fairly steady (not so common in our world of ASD's) and we anticipate even greater things.

We have seen our son keep a job for nearly two years with a company that is Fortune 1oo for best places to work.

I have gained freedom from demons in my life that held me captive since childhood and recognize that God loves me beyond anything I can imagine.

I have met, in person and by phone, several of my blogging buddies and been blessed by them.

We didn't lose our house.

God is good.

Thanks for sticking by me.


  1. Bless you Gail..
    Hugs from Canada.
    Yup you have done a lot and been a blessing to me. xo

  2. Praise God, for He is good. :)
    love ya

  3. It's pretty amazing what can happen in a short 4 years isn't it? God is sooooo good and I am so glad he brought me you!!