Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Give Up

Blogspot/blogger is giving me agida. Please join me at wordpress:

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  1. Hi Gail, Sorry to hear you're having computer problems. A few people have mentioned that blogger was off the air recently while changes were being made. Since then, I have read comments from others saying they can't leave comments. I did come across a blog somewhere on how to fix it, but I wasn't having problems so I didn't take much notice.

    So from memory, I think it said if you have ticked the box for the computer to remember your password, so that you stay logged in, you need to uncheck the box, then logging in should be fine. Then you can go back and re-tick the box again if you want it to remember you each time you log on.

    Another suggestion was that you can leave comments, by commenting as Name/URL, you DON'T need a url link, but you can if you like but works fine with just your name.

    See how you go, I'd hate to see you leave blogger for ever 'n ever.

    Have a blessed weekend! - Kerrie