Sunday, November 6, 2011

Where Did Twenty-Four Years Go?!

Twenty-four years ago today, Himself and I were married. Say what? I look in the mirror and wonder where that young woman disappeared to. When did my grandmother replace her?

Since that fateful eve, I have given birth to a son, welcomed a granddaughter, buried two grandmothers (one of whom was my best friend)and a father-in-law. Buildings have come down and wars have been fought. We moved into a house and have nearly lost it to the economy and our own fiscal foolishness.

Good things and bad have come our way and gone from our hands; many tears have fallen and many laughs have been guffawed. We have survived an autism diagnosis and watched our grandbaby triumph and fail.

There were times I thought we wouldn't make it; kindness and cruelty have come from my lips with, it seems, not enough of the former. Still, we stick around.

About my grandmother looking back at me from the mirror: she was my best friend, a woman I wanted to emulate. If I am going to age to reflect anyone, I am glad it is she, whom I still miss every day.

Happy anniversary, Himself. Let's try a little harder.


  1. Congratulations & many more blessings to you both *hugs*

  2. Congratulations to you and your Hubby, Gail. I hope this day will be very "Special" for the both of you.
    Beautiful, reflective post.

    Hugs, Dianne :) Now I am off to work!

  3. Happy Annivesary.

    Yes, looking in the mirror, can be quite a shock for me too. lol

    Have a good week

  4. Happy anniversary to a lovely couple. God bless both of you!