Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Falderal June 9, 2012

It's been a while but here is another edition of the Friday Falderal! Won't you share your answers?

How do you feel about summer? Do you enjoy hot weather? Summer is my nemesis. Himself wants to move to Florida but two or three months of heat and humidity is about all I can take! Hopefully, The Girl will give me a Keratin Express treatment tomorrow to fight the frizz.

Burgers, hot dogs or not thank you? It's that time of year in the great Atlantic northeast where we are bbq'ing and the burgers and "dogs" are on the grill. I'll indulge in a hot dog maybe three times a year - can you say mystery meat? Burgers on occasion. I'd rather just eat salad and add a protein like chicken or feta cheese.

Swim or air conditioning? Anyone who has been visiting here for a while know that I do NOT like being wet! No, I didn't nearly drown when I was a child. I have no idea why this is but bathing is the extent of my wetness factor. I'll take air conditioning over the pool.

You just found out your niece, her husband and their child are stopping by for a visit and it is dinner time. You have only enough for your little family. What do you do? My grandmother always said you can always add pasta to the pot. If you have a small steak, either put it in the fridge or cook it and slice it really thin and make a steak salad! Feeding people is what I do. Bring it on.

Impromptu or planned get togethers? Impromptu are the best for me. I tend to get anxious if I think about HAVING to be somewhere.

What's up with you? Hope all is well in your world. Blessings from the great Atlantic northeast.


  1. Hi Gail,

    We seem to have lost summer and jumped right into Autumn, weather here is really miserable, wet and I do mean wet and windy. I am still wearing my winter coat some days.

    Thank you for all your visits, prayers and encouragement.

    Hugs across the big pond - Nita

  2. I don't mind some heat. 80s are fine. In the 90s or 100s are too much. Especially with humidity. AC is my friend. Sort of. Honeyman likes it 72 degrees and I'd like a little warmer. I love to grill, but seldom do burgers or dogs. I like chicken on the grill or ribs along with fresh veggies.
    If unexpected company shows up, I might make some biscuits to stretch the meal. I'd figure something out.
    Spontaneous went out the window a long time ago. I miss it. But, it seems like if we don't plan it ahead of time, it doesn't get done. Plus with work schedules that is the only way it works.

  3. Hi Gail, It's winter here now, and it's pretty chilly. I'll try to answer all your questions.

    * I love summer time!

    * BBQ's, salad burgers with meat, and hotdogs, yum, but don't forget to throw a prawn on the Barbie.

    * Swimming or air-con? I'd choose swimming any day. I'm sure I must have been born a water baby.

    * Unexpected visitors at dinner time - we share what we have and make do.

    * Planned get together's suit me best.

    * What's up with me? Well I cried out loud the other night when I walked past the ladder and knocked my toe. Blood everywhere! It seeped through my socks so fast. The nail is almost off completely, but I'll live. In other news, I am praying for a miricle for Lucy. I blogged about her all last week, and adding updates as they come to hand. Hmmm, school holidays start here in two weeks. Looking forward to that.

    Well that's about all the news I can think of from my end at the moment. Take care. Love, Kerrie

  4. Oh, I know I made typo/spelling errors. Sorry, I tried to fix them but I clicked publish too quick :) Just call me, quick draw McGraw. LOL.

  5. I have awards waiting for you on my blog :)

    I don't like air conditioning, I much prefer swimming! Though I don't like being cold so usually I don't do either and just put up with being hot... I like the summer and you're only the second person I've seen who doesn't like it, but it's not my favourite. I think Autumn and Spring are much nicer :)

  6. I used to live in Florida, and you definitely don't want to be there this time of year. Very hot, and lots of bugs!

  7. I love the summer. We go swimming a few times a week (gotta tire those kids out somehow) and I am always up for dinner parties, planned or impromptu, I can make it work.

  8. Hi Gail,

    Having a go at the questions. I love summer long daylight hours, I don't mind high temps but I do not like humidity, in fact it makes me feel unwell.

    Not over keen on BBQ's but if I have one, it has to be chicken or lamb or pork chops, do not like burgers or hot dogs.

    Air conditioning for me too.

    Unexpected visitors, especially for meals, I must admit do faze me a bit. Would try to make them welcome and share what we had, but much prefer fixed times and dates.

    As for what is up with me, think you all know that already. However God is good and undertaking for us. Main concern tonight is again, Callum and which school he or his parents decide is right for him.

    Will post again sometime this week, from the dusty building site, which is my daughters home and soon to be ours too.

    Hugs across the big pond - Nita.

  9. Hi Gail, Thinking of you. May you have a blessed, peace filled day and week ahead. Love, Kerrie

  10. I am so with you on summer. It endure until Fall brings the cool breezes. My hubs is from San Diego and we lived there several years. It was beautiful, but I love four seasons, even if I have to endure one of them. :)

  11. Autumn is my favorite, but I love summer! I don't mind being hot as long as it's not humid. In Virginia I couldn't stand the summers, but I did like the pool at our apartment! Here in Idaho it's hot but dry and for the most part I like it. I LOVE being barefoot or wearing flip-flops, so that part of summer I like as well. I am incredibly thankful for air conditioning but I also love swimming, whether in the pool, the lake, or the ocean.
    I love burgers, especially with bacon. I like hotdogs, but am kind of afraid to eat them because, well, you know. They're kinda gross.
    If someone was coming by unexpectedly for dinner, I would freak out! I never have much going on for dinner, in fact we'd probaby be eating cold cereal for dinner and how would I explain that?!
    I like plans for the most part, but I can wing it if I must.