Thursday, April 7, 2016

Family Feud?

 Before I met Himself, I thought I came from a loud family. Compared to his, though, mine seems timid!

A discussion between them can sound like a brawl is about to break out. When I mention this to Himself, he blows off my concern and says that is just the way they are.

Where we live, I call "the town of last names that end in vowels." In other words, there are a lot of people with Italian last names. In my part of this great Atlantic Northeast, cultural ancestry is a point of pride. Personally, I just say I am an American.  I digress...People of Italian heritage tend to be, shall we say, er, passionate in the way they speak.

Both Himself and I were born with names that end in vowels. His heritage is half Italian and half Slovak; mine is half Italian, a quarter Puerto Rican, and a few other countries from one grandmother. Maybe there IS something to our "loudness" when we get together. 

Do we feud? My side, not so much any more. His side? A little bit.....However, we always, always, always are there for each other. Always.

Blessings, gail


  1. My husband and I both grew up in big families (lots of siblings) and we have 13 grandkids so we joke when we are home alone and call our house the drama free zone. We always take advantage of quiet.