Friday, August 21, 2009

Flitting Around and Fun Falderal

Ms. Lisbeth pointed out to me that I am getting out a lot more than I used to. Wow. It hadn't hit me but it is absolutely true. Having been agoraphobic in the past this is very big.

Just this week alone:

Saturday - out to dinner with the in-laws
Sunday - wedding
Monday - out for the afternoon with Himself
Tuesday and Wednesday - our friends' townhouse down the Jersey shore
Thursday - watched Isabella and then went out to dinner with friends whom I haven't seen in about twenty years
Friday - watched Isabella and out to lunch with a friend visiting from Australia
Tomorrow - baby shower at a "posh" place

Today, we booked a flight for me to go to Texas to visit my baby bro in October. I hate to fly but really want to see my brother and his wife. And I am going alone! Himself has his yearly, sometimes twice yearly, visits with his navy buddies and sometimes goes out to Colorado with a buddy to visit a childhood friend. This will be my time. Also, my brother is fourteen years younger than I and it is a sister/mom/son kind of relationship. He's a great kid! And his wife is tops in my book because she makes him happy.

Isabella is still making me laugh. Doesn't matter how bad a mood I am in; she can make me laugh. Now that I am trying to come up with an example I can't think of one but I laughed quite a bit these last two days. She is making good progress in her communication skills. I am hearing more complete sentences instead of one or two word statements or questions. Now, if we can only get her potty trained.....

The daylight hours are waning. It is now almost dark at eight in the evening (we are at the eastern end of a time zone). That is the only thing that bothers me about the end of summer. In a sermon a couple of weeks ago, the pastor spoke about the negativity of grumbling. It has helped me keep myself in check so I will not go on about how horrid the heat and humidity have been. I will just mention it. Aren't you so proud of me?

That part about not grumbling can be a real life changer. The more one grumbles the more negative their life. It's always been hard for me to not be negative. I figured that pessimists are rarely disappointed. That may be true but it is a lousy way to live. I'm so glad I have friends who help me to lighten up.

Do you tend to be an optimist or a pessimist? I am turning into someone who is cautiously optimistic. I believe I know what is real and what is not and know not to waste my time obsessing on things I can't change. At least I am learning how to.

How is your self image? It has been horrible for years. However, as I learn to like myself, I am taking steps towards accepting and maybe even liking how I look. It has been difficult looking in the mirror at a person who looks like my gram. Yes, I do look like my gram. However, she was a much loved woman who was beautiful from the inside out. Not a bad thing to aspire to, eh?

What is your clothing style? Can you tell I have am watching What Not To Wear as I type this? A statement they made is really bothering me: you should feel beautiful in everything you wear. I have very little clothing because I am cheap when it comes to buying things for myself. I don't usually feel pretty in what I am wearing. I want to change that one piece of clothing at a time whether I am overweight or not.

Do you pay full retail? No! Maybe that is why I don't dress all that well!

Do you enjoy the Duggar family? Very much so.

I appreciate you, g

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  1. So this is your new home? Welcome to blogspot, so where are the housewarming beverages? ;) ☺

    It’s indeed good to get out there & mingle every so often. I can be a hermit sometimes, so I’ve surprisingly enjoyed catching up with old peers I hadn’t seen in a while over the summer & next weekend I’m meeting a cousin I haven’t seen since 1994 when I was merely 11, yikes – it should be fun, I hope.

    Do you tend to be an optimist or a pessimist? – Pessimism suits me down to a ‘T’, but it hasn’t got me very far so I’ve been slowly introducing a spoonful of optimism every now then in the daily concoction that is life & so far so good.

    How is your self image? – If you feel good about yourself, there’s a likelihood that’s how mostly everyone else you meet will perceive you too. Me thinks it’s time to consult a hypnotist so I can start believing I’m Brad Pitt when facing my reflection. ;)

    What is your clothing style? – Casual smart, just like future Mrs Tim demands.

    Do you pay full retail? – I despise shopping so luckily I know my sizes & I do most of it online albeit next week I’m getting measured for a tailor made suit as the new academic year approaches.