Sunday, November 8, 2009

Obedience No Matter What

I'm weary of finding f words to title the falderal so I am taking a breather from thinking too hard!

It is so hard, sometimes, to obey God's word. It says to honor our authorities because He put them there. Reading some other blogs, I see a lot of anger towards our current administration over the horrible events at Fort Hood this past week. Some say we are less safe than we were before 9/11.

To say that the average American knows what is really going on in our country is to live in a dream world. We don't know and, truth be told, don't want or need to know all that happens to keep us safe. We do, though, need to know that our brave men and women who serve our country can have a reasonable expectation of safety on a military post!

If a military person speaks out against the military do they still belong there? Is there any room for insurrection within the ranks? Amongst civilians, yes. Amongst the military? No. There needs to be obedience unless an order goes against the good.

As much as I want to rail against the administration and all I disagree with, it is my duty to pray for them, for the military and for my country. I must trust that God has a plan for my life and part of it is to live here in the United States.

I am not convinced that my beloved country will ever be God fearing again. As a matter of fact, I see it going progressively downhill. I hope and pray that I am wrong. Whatever happens, though, will not be a surpise to God.

Let us stand firm no matter what is tossed our way.

Given the opportunity, would you rather live in a country other than the one you live in now? No. I have thought about it but can't think of one my family and I would be better off in.

Are you frustrated with your government? Very much so. No matter how often I contact my representative and senators I get the same thanks but no thanks response.

Do you think you would consider running for office? I don't see it in my future but I don't pretend to know the future.

Do you have a favorite song right now? I am very fond of Revelation Song by Phillips, Craig and Dean. It is so touching and true.

How is your life lately? Really good. I am so blessed and I choose to count my blessing rather than wallow in pity over what could be.

Himself and I celebrated 22 years of marriage this past week. We enjoyed a meal of sushi at one of our favorite restaurants and are glad for what God has blessed us with.

Our Isabella is coming into overt consciousness of this world a bit more lately. She is responding to our questions with appropriate and correct answers. It is soooo exciting!

Bless you this week and always, g

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