Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fairly Fun Falderal

As you may or may not recall, Isabella calls me Booboo. As of today, I am her class Booboo! My friend, M, didn't think it was fair that Bells' class, which her son is in, didn't have a class parent so she volunteered. Well, where M goes g goes! I was so happy to be a part of their halloween party. (I guess the parent association didn't think kids with autism needed to have class parents. They never met M!)The Dread Pirate Bella

Personally, I don't like halloween. It's darkness disturbs my soul. People are always telling me to lighten up and get into the spirit of it. Problem is the "spirit" of it is not the spirit of God. If it is not the Spirit of God the only thing left is an ugly spirit; the spirit of darkness.

If anyone rings our bell I will hand out the bags of pretzels we bought and will be properly appreciative of the creativity involved in dressing the children up. I will not, however, get into the "spirit" of this day we call halloween.

Do you 'celebrate' halloween? See above.

Do you hand out treats? Last year and this year we decided to hand out bags of pretzels to be a little less sugary. Some years I was a grinch and didn't have anything but I realized I wasn't being a light to people.

Did you get the "Dread Pirate" reference I made? Have you ever seen Princess Bride? You would have to have to get the reference!

What is your favorite holiday? Any day I decide to have family over just because. I am not a big fan of "calendar" holidays. They stress us all out too much.

Anyone want to plan to not be around for the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) with me? We can make plans!

Here's hoping all is well with you. Let me know about customs where you are. g

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  1. I used to think I wouldn't celebrate Halloween with my children, then I had children, and now I do. I have a lot of good memories of running the neighborhood, dressing up to be something different and getting coma inducing amounts of sugar from when I was a kid. And, since I don't have a whole lot of happy childhood memories, I wanted the girls to have a type of shared memory of something good, with me. We had such a blast yesterday going house to house and seeing all of the munchkins dressed so stinkin' cute, I'm glad I enjoyed it.

    Do you 'celebrate' halloween? See above.

    Do you hand out treats? We live in the country sort of. Not in a neighborhood and no real "neighbors". There are just cornfields after our house. It's also a state road so it's pretty busy and no one would be walking on it. So...all that to say, no one is knocking on our door, sadly. :( But, we did buy candy to hand out at my friend's in-laws neighborhood, where we went trick or treating.

    Did you get the "Dread Pirate" reference I made? I sure did!

    What is your favorite holiday? Thanksgiving, seriously, a day to celebrate being thankful without any gifts, that's my kind of day!

    Anyone want to plan to not be around for the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas) with me? With two little ones, I will definitely be around for the holidays. It is definitely stressful though!