Friday, March 12, 2010


I had just about completed typing out an entry I had been working on in my head when it disappeared. I had even saved it to draft halfway through but it is gone!

When I get up the strength to rewrite it (my fibromyalgia has me sleeping a lot), I will share with you what is on my mind. In the meantime, thanks to The Simple Woman's Day Book for the following questions:


Outside my window...rain to bring out the crocuses, daffodils and tulips just waiting to erupt into spring song

I am thinking...that I hope I get a restful night's sleep so I can be a good overnight guest to our friends

I am thankful for...people from the autism family who reached out to me today when I expressed a problem with the school system Isabella is in.

From the kitchen...dishes washed, dishwasher emptied, floor needing washing

I am wearing...pajamas and fuzzy purple slipper socks

I am creating...a ruckus for the school system if they continue to try to take away services from my precious girl

I am stay with friends at the shore just to get some couple time together

I am Bible - been too tired to start a new book

I am get throught this bought of fms so I can get to work

I am hearing...a rumbling in this country that is going to destroy it and/or bring revival

Around the much to do

One of my favorite things...a nice cup of decaf coffee when the mood strikesA few plans for the rest of the week: get moving!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...Isn't this pretty?!
Have a wonderful weekend, all. You bless me. g


  1. Outside my window... total darkness

    I am thinking... about meeting deadliness

    I am thankful for... the weekend for much needed respite

    From the kitchen... I could do with another slice of the lemon cake

    I am wearing... boxing gloves while typing, proof that that it can be done

    I am creating... history in my head

    I am catch up on some TiVo after I’m done here

    I am reading... today’s paper as weekend edition comes with many interesting (& sometimes not so) supplements

    I am hoping... to get enough done in the next fortnight so that I don’t have to go work during the Ester break

    I am hearing... Laura Marling in the background & she’s simply wonderful, I highly recommend

    Around the house... there might be a mouse which I’m on a mission to snare

    One of my favourite things... is to switch off my phone for a couple of hours with no interruptions

    PS: as for FB, surprisingly I’m hardly missing it to be honest

  2. Hey there Gail... just wanted to pop on by and check out your blog! It's wonderful! Praying for you ... that the fm will take a hike for a while and let you have that energy burst I know you crave!!