Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Walk in the Park

Tomorrow, we walk 1.3 miles to cap off a time of fundraising. My team and I have collected over two thousand dollars for the organization Autism Speaks which raises awareness, funds research and assists families in this "club" we belong to.

Did we choose autism? No. Do we want a cure? I do, some don't. We have a wonderful child in our lives who just happens to have autism. She sometimes makes gains in her journey bringing her more and more into this world and we see our girl's inner self emerge more. She is fun and happy and a joy in our lives.

Other families have no idea if their children are happy or if they know love. They seem to be far, far away in another world. It is for these children and for their loved ones, as much if not more than for our own, that we collect and walk and pray.

When autism speaks, are we able to listen? Sometimes only with our hearts.


  1. all the best for tomorrow, well actually i suppose its today now :)

  2. I hope the race went well for you Gail. Can't wait to hear about it!

  3. So, do you like Blogger better? I also have a blog here; I think that's why I am doing so poorly blogging on Spaces... I'm actually not doing well at either - I thought I could do both sort of at the same time, but I'm more of a "one thing at at time" person, lol! Let me know what you think....