Thursday, October 14, 2010

Trying to Get in the Groove Again

Getting back into regular blogging in this age of facebook is proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be. Instant gratification has spoiled me.

The Girl and I went to Isabella’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) meeting today. We are so pleased with Bell’s progress. Her teacher, therapists and team leader are all so professional AND loving. Bells did well in her previous school but this one is so much more detailed in their observations and plans. We are so blessed!

On Saturday, The Boy turns 21. Twenty-one! Where has the time gone. He is turning out to be a nice man. I wish him happiness and success. My baby.

My baby bro is coming up from Texas this weekend and I will get to hug him on Sunday! How can a year have gone by already!

I started a computer program with Isabella yesterday. It is called Starfall ( Hopefully, it will begin her computer literacy and she will learn a thing or two! Her attention span seems to be increasing and I am thankful for that.

Sorry for the scattered way I am writing. Hopefully, once I get “back into the groove” MY attention span will increase!

Blessings, g


  1. Its so nice to have an update from you Gail.. I find FB too much at times so I like my blog here much better.
    Bells is so Blessed beyond anyone that she has you to care for her. God had this all planned and knew you were the one for the job. I can just see her in my minds eyes how very beautiful she in all her ways and when she does something you have to be so very proud Gail. I could not walk in your shoes, nor imagine it really.
    Just know your all still in my thoughts and prayers more than you know.
    You have so many gifts. One is uncontional love beyond anything. I will have a look at the website also.
    Bless you my dear friend.

  2. I wanted to add it getting cooler and cooler here by the days and I expect snow by Halloween maybe. Who knows.

  3. hi gail,

    This blogging thing is so different now, but hopefully in time it will become more relaxing and rewarding again. Have a good weekend. Nita

  4. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You


  5. ¬ There's even an increased instant gratification via twitter, so maybe one day, we'll see you on there. ;)

    ¬ Glad to learn about the excellent progress of your grand-daughter & long may it continue & also congrats on the 21 year old. :D

    In reponse to the comments on my blog:

    ¬ The first 3 quarters weren’t that memorable to be honest, but I was delighted to see it finally pick up in the 4th & it could’ve gone either way. There’s a theory of sorts that once an adult reaches the other side of 21, they can’t really get into a new sport as they tend to love their chosen sport(s) from a tender age, but I think I could learn to eventually accommodate the NFL into my life as it looks like a lot fun; plus the season is short enough to maintain my interest.

    ¬ Halloween originated from the UK, so I’ve no major qualms about it, Bonfire is what we identify with more & I’m very much looking forward to it this Friday.

    ¬ Your kid brother’s conspiracy theory about the recent bomb scare being a diversionary tactic is frankly just absurd to be perfectly honest. This ensued after a tip-off from an al-Qaida infiltrator thankfully revealed the plans to the Saudi intelligence before catastrophe stroke.

    To play devil’s advocate for a nanosecond for the purposes of entertaining your brother’s theory which I’d image is shared by many others, this would imply that the Saudi Intelligence + Yemenites police + the British secret service + the Conservative British Minister, David Cameron [whose natural political allegiances lie with the Republicans across the pond] all concocted or colluded this “bomb scare” to carry favour with the 44th US President? If my interpretation of this is correct, then this is just beyond all comprehension.

    The polls don’t lie as the votes will prove on Tuesday, but to suggest that this bomb scare was some kind of invention, exaggeration or last ditch attempt for the current incumbent of the Oval office to cling on to power and\or deflect from the many other problems facing him at the moment is verging on the ridiculous.

    I hate to be grandiloquent in my response but I feel I should always be candid on such matters.