Friday, February 4, 2011

Hurting Hearts

My daughter called me this evening to ask why "A" doesn't sit with Bells on the bus any more. Truth be told, I didn't know this. Isabella was obsessed with A and we have had a play date and A came to Bells' birthday party.

When The Girl asked Bells why, all she could say was that A is now sitting with L who is mean. "Is L mean to you, Baby?" "Yes. She makes this face(makes an ugly face) at me.

Although our Bells has come so very far this past year, it is hard to not be able to get the whole story from her. I know I can ask the bus driver and monitor on Monday but this leaves the entire weekend for my daughter to feel badly and fear that her baby is hurting.

Our girl has been going through some changes lately. She is still loving and sweet but she has learned how to throw a wicked tantrum and can shed crocodile tears with the best of them.

On the positive side, she is progressing socially and educationally. We are seeing an improvement in fine motor skills. Her school saw fit to get her physical therapy because, well, she needs it! She falls down a lot and bumps into things. (Yes, we did get her eyes examined.)

Last year, my dear daughter would say, "If only she could tell me what she had for lunch today." This year, our girl can tell you what she had for lunch and who did what during lunch!

Maybe next year we will be hearing what is going on on the school bus in detail from our dear one.


  1. It really is so hard not knowing all the details and thinking your child is hurting. I don't know I've ever felt earthly pain as much as when something hurts my babies, emotionally or physically.

    I'll say a prayer for peace for your daughter and for you to get it all straightened out.

    So proud of Bells for the mountains she's climbed this last year!

  2. Gail,as I read this, my heart hurts for your sweet Bells, and for her mom, and wonderful grandma. Kids can be so mean at times, as can adults.
    Just stopping by to say hello, and let you know I was thinking of you.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  3. Hi Gail,
    Yes kids can be very hurtful and sometimes it is really difficult to get to the bottom of things that happen at school - Glad Bells is progressing well and hope things will be good for her soon. God Bless - Nita

  4. Those Friday night revelations are the worst. I really dislike having the weekend to ponder, worry, stew, angst, whatever. Hopefully Monday will bring you answers.

  5. been there done that. It's baby steps. we do what we can today and just keep going. I swear sometimes Dori from Finding nemo is in my head singing her song just keep swimming just keep swimming.