Friday, May 27, 2011

Oy, How did that Happen?

My day was planned out perfectly: bring Isabella to school, stop at the library, weight watchers meeting, trip to an outlet area for new "unmentionables" and maybe a new dress for our niece's wedding, maybe a trip to Trader Joe's and then, blessedly, a nap!

But nooooooo! As I pulled into the drop off area at school, I noticed I was the only one there. The district didn't use all its snow days so we have a four day Memorial Day weekend. No one told me! Isabella was confused but dealt with it. "Is school finished?" "For this week it is, honey."

After a week of congestion and coughing (allergies?), Bells could have slept in this morning and this upset me. I hate to wake her up when she is in a deep sleep. That might have bothered me more than having my plans upset.

We went to the library, one of Bells favorite places, and then to weigh in but not stay for the meeting (another pound and a bit - just over 21 pounds!) and then we went to see great grandma. This was a good thing as she adores her little pigeon (pah-jink-ah in Slavish) and she is pretty fond of me, too. We all packed into my car and went to the outlets together. Isabella made out the best with sandals, a swim suit and a dress. I got two tops and a skirt - only $10 each! -and I got a lovely top for my daughter, too. Nothing for the wedding and no undergarments.

We had a bite to eat in the food court and went back to great grandma's where we waited for himself. He ate the gyro we brought back for him and then we drove up to where The Girl works so Bells could go swimming.

Are you tired yet? I am! Himself went home and I went to get some stuffed cupcakes and then home to cook. Ugh.

Since dinner, I have, basically, been sitting in my recliner fooling around on the netbook and "watching" mostly mindless tv.

Now, my perfectly planned day is another example of God's sense of humor. "Man plans and God laughs?" Had everything gone according to plan I still would have taken Isabella by her mom but then great grandma wouldn't have had her usual Friday visit. My mother-in-law adores Isabella. My girl brings great joy to her and this was a hard week because it would have been my father-in-law's birthday. I am so happy we were able to bring joy to Mom

As for tomorrow, I am afraid to make plans! Truthfully, all I want is to sleep as long as possible and stay in bed until I am good and ready to get up! If someone gets in the way of that they had better look out. If Mama ain't happy ain't nobody happy!

To my American friends, let's not forget the reason for Memorial Day even whilst we enjoy our bbq's and whatnot.

blessings, g


  1. Hey G, it's Sat morning, I'm supposed to be playing badmintom, but it's been canceled, so here I am reading your blog before heading out soon, coz I've yet to get presents for my sis in law who celebrated her birthday last week, Nel who celebrated hers last week, and my dad's which will be next week = a hole in my wallet.. but I don't mind, for people I love. haha..

    So, I found myself smiling a lot while reading this post. A day in the life of G. haha.. what a lovely day driving here and there with your little Bells! hahaha.. So sweet. And speaking of undergarments, my girls desperately need new ones so I shall be getting them that today. :)
    It's school break here, and I might be heading to thailand. m looking forward to that. isn't this a long letter? haha.. take good care G!! ((hugs))

  2. Hi Gail,

    As I read your post, I felt a sense of irritation with you, I hate, last minutes changes to schedules and plans. But when I got to the end I was smiling, with you, I hope. I love "Man plans and God laughs", lesson for all of us there. One of my previous ministers, told me, I need to be Gloriously Adaptable. lol.

    God Bless - Nita

  3. Hopefully your weekend improved! Wishing you a peaceful week. :)

  4. Dear Gail, It's great to be here catching up on your news. Sorry the day you had planned didn't quite go to plan, but with all the special things you and Bells got up to, it does sound like you did have a special day. One filled with lovely memories to remember. I hope you were able to get the rest you needed. God bless. Kerrie

  5. By now I hope your rested Gail.
    Belles has sure blessed your life beyond measure.