Friday, February 10, 2012

Please Don't Use That Word

As children on the spectrum are prone to do, Isabella was having a conversation with herself. One of her comments was, "Bella, you are retarded."

When questioned about it, Bells said, "I'm sorry!" She was assured she had done nothing wrong. Questioned again, she had the same reaction and then she changed the subject.

The dreaded "r" word. I have been warning the girl, and everyone else within hearing range, to get rid of that word from their vocabularies unless used in a clinical way. Our precious children on the spectrum get called all kinds of names. When the "r" word is used to hurt, it is horrid.

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Please teach that the "r" word is not acceptable. Period.

Have a blessed weekend, g

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  1. I am with you. As kids we used it all the time but now that I am older and wiser it just seems so vulgar and hurtful. I don't even let my kids say hate or stupid.

  2. that is such a very hurting word!!I wonder where did she hear the word. I just pray that Bells will learn to be resilient that these words will not hurt her. Of course, it will be even better if people learnt to be less cruel and more sensitive to those around them.

  3. Hi Gail,

    Yes not a nice word at all. If only people could learn to be less cruel and more sensitive (guess we all could sometimes be) to those around them.

    Have a great Sunday

  4. That's a word that has been so common I did not even realize until several years ago how hurtful it is. We all need to work on erasing it from use! Thanks for this!

  5. There use to be a saying that sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me. That is so far from the truth. There is no room for such ignorance or at least there shouldn't be. Words are very hurtful and cause much pain that can last for a life time.

    I am sorry that Isabella was subjected to this and hope it never happens again. My heart goes out to Bells and you Gail and her family.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. And it was a little Zebra that told me. Ha! I love Zebras also. Did you know that the pattern on their skin are all different just as our fingerprints are all different. That is pretty amazing don't you think.

    Take care and have a Blessed Sunday!
    ox Dianne :)

  6. I agree with Rachel Anne, it is such a common word and one we have used in our house to mean "silly, crazy or plain dumb." I banished the word stupid decades ago, but retarded needs to go out the door with it! Thanks for the gentle sermon. :)

  7. Poor girl, using that on herself! Of course I've been known to use "stupid" for myself a time or two. Not cool. Great link to the video btw. Thanks for posting!

  8. All people big and small can be so ignorant of how people feel or even care. I was raised with that R word not acceptable. I agree.
    Belles is such a sweetheart as you know that I know.:)
    Love and Hugs