Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Quiet. Deliciously, wonderfully quiet. The background sounds of life outside the house, the occasional hum of the refrigerator and the clicking on the keyboard are all I hear. Ah, so nice; so rare.

There was a time in my life when quiet was unbearable. Then, I needed the sound of the television or radio to drown out my thoughts. Now, I have taken my thoughts captive – for the most part – and revel in the peace of this dawning day.

In quiet, I will leave my computer and commune with God as I study His Word.

In quiet, I face the nights waiting for blessed sleep.

In quiet, God works His wonders if I only let Him.


What makes you peaceful?


  1. I love the quiet too! I am such a grown up, the kids turn up the radio and I roll my eyes and turn it down. Such a fuddy duddy.

  2. I love quiet, when I have time to think and reflect. It is a comfort to know that no matter where I am, The Lord is right there with me, even in the business of my day. Like you Gail I enjoy being alone with God, and listening to what He has to say to me, reading His Word and learning to apply it to my daily life, with the help of His Spirit which lives in me. :)
    I love being outdoors surrounded by nature with my camera. I find that so peaceful. For a time I forget about everything else and just enjoy, and embrace the moment. It is like I am in my own little world and the Lord is right there with me.
    Hope your day is good Gail. ((( Hugs))) Dianne :)

  3. Like you, quiet time is where I find peace. I also can find it in the car with worship music at full volume, singing along. Just as long as I'm in His presence; there is peace.

  4. how are you G? I'm confused, i thought 'd left a comment before, or was it at your wordpress? Anyway, I'm not on facebook, deactivated for a while. Miss your postings G. Love and hugs

  5. I love your thoughts Gail. You have such a beautiful heart and soul.
    I was like you at a time I have to honest. Hard places to be and think we all or some of us go thought it. We are human and the Best Part is we have the Lover of our Souls with us all the time even when we dont know it.
    I love peace , quite but do love to have the laughter of others around me. Brings Joy to my life to hear Children at play and trying to capture some of those moments that seem to slip away too fast.
    Have a Blessed Weekend Gail.
    Much Love my friend.

  6. Miss seeing you around the web!