Sunday, October 28, 2012

Random Stuff

In order to keep this blog going, I am going to have to stop waiting until I "have something to say" and just type!

I read the obituaries. Yup. Have been reading them for many years although I am only...years old. I get curious and, if the obit doesn't say what they died of, I look at the end of the post. Often, it will say, "In lieu of flowers," and will say please give a donation to a charity which is often for the cause of the death.

Recently, I have seen several "in lieu ofs" for autism organizations. Every time, one of the survivors has been a grandson (in case you don't know, the majority of people on the autism spectrum are boys). Love transcending the grave. It is a beautiful thing.

Are you sick of this American presidential campaign? Oy, I am so looking forward to it being over. May God have mercy on this nation I live in.

Speaking of November 6 (election day), it is Himself's and my 25th wedding anniversary. Where on earth did the time go??? We know that the kids aren't giving us a party. The Boy said, since we (meaning I) hinted so much he and The Girl are taking us out to dinner. Hey, it's the least they can do, right?

My mother-in-love and I have a standing date on Fridays. I bring her to the hairdresser and then she takes me out to lunch. It's a good thing we get along so well. Yes, you do marry his family.

We are hunkered down for what is being called "Frankenstorm." There is a cold storm coming from the midwest and a warm hurricane coming from the south. Oy. I am so glad God is in charge of our lives. We have bottled water and food. Our next door neighbor has a large enough generator that he kindly offered to let us run an extension cord to our basement where our freezer is. It is full and I'd hate to lose all those groceries.

I'm going to end here with a wish that all who read are well. Please pray for us that this storm will pass without injuries.


  1. Hi Gail.

    I smiled when I read your first paragraph, that is just what I do, I also tend to pay a lot of attention to the ages, these days :)

    My thoughts and prayers are with you all in the path of the storm.

    Be safe and stay strong in the Lord

  2. Do any of us have anything extraordinary to say? Life is great, all of it right?

    Happy Anniversary, and yes you should be taken out to dinner, 25 years is a big deal!

    Stay safe. No hurricanes here, just earthquakes, I am sure we're due for one here soon.

  3. Happy early anniversary. Something good about Tuesday!

  4. Hey, 25 years is a big deal! Happy anniversary to both of you.