Friday, October 9, 2009

Freaky Friday Falderal

Freaky Friday Falderal

Friday evening and, as I sit here typing this, the Yankee/Twins playoff game is on and I am scratching my head over the news of this day.

Firstly, I see that Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Huh? The candidates were chosen two weeks after he was sworn in. Why did he win this? Have his followers finally convinced enough people that he is the messiah? I am confused.

Then I read in the paper that my state is starting a registry for autistic people. It seems we already have registries for craniofacial problems, cardiac problems and others. It looks to me that we are being prepared for a healthcare holocaust! It is supposed to be anoymously reported by healthcare professionals. Anonymous. Right. I sense that this is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Beware when the government comes saying it is doing something to help you. Big Brother is watching.

Heard a specialist in infection and disease control say he wouldn't take or allow the swine flu vaccine to be given to his children. He said it has too many additives in it like a disinfectant that has been linked to causing autism in children with mitochondrial defects. Hellooooo! Let's use our sense, people.

My darling Isabella has a stomach something. Poor thing was crying in pain and asked me to put a band aid on her tummy. Is that too cute? Poor thing just wanted to go to sleep and woke up in pain and started throwing up. My poor baby.

Have you ever read George Orwell's 1984? Did/does it effect the way you think about government? Actually, I have never read it but know enough about the premise that it has affected my life for a long time. I don't even want EZ Pass in my car but Himself insists on it. Privacy is an illusion.

Did you or are you going to get a flu shot this year? How about the swine flu vaccine? I'm not prone to getting the flu but opted to get the shot because I need to be healthy to care for Bells. Swine flu? Not on your life! It's too new. See above.

What is your idea of an ideal Saturday off? Starting Friday night, staying up as late as I like. Saturday morning sleeping in as long as I like. Then, having a quiet house all to myself for the entire afternoon followed by a nice evening with our bcf's (best couple friends - the couple we hang out with the most).

Read any good books lately? Just finished Kathy*Reichs' latest, "206 Bones." That's how many we have in the human body. It was pretty good. I figured some of it out early on, though. Also, been reading Ecclesiastes in the Bible.

Have any trips coming up? Well, since you ask...I am going to visit my baby brother in Texas next week. I haven't seen him in two and a half years and am going to suck up my fear of flying to see him and his wonderful wife. Hopefully, Dana "Texas Mammie" and I are going to meet up for lunch.

Heard or seen any craziness in the news? Let's hear about it?

blessings, g

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  1. I think it's crazy he won the peace prize too. Makes me loose respect for that award.

    I hope Isabella is feeling better soon, poor little thing. We've had a bug around here lately too and it's no fun at all!

    I have read 1984, and it did weird me out. Not more than usual though as I think the government is in way too many things. It's getting more and more that way all the time.

    I have gotten the flu shot before, working in social work and then when I was pregnant. I have the flu right now so I will probably not get the shot. Doubtful the girls will either. Definitely will not be getting a shot that is brand new! That is just crazy, I'm not quite the guinea pig type.

    Ideal Saturday would be hanging out at a coffee shop, by myself for a few hours, reading the paper, going to a festival or a long walk with my family, no one whining or crying...ahhhh. A nice BBQ dinner with friends or one whining or crying.... :)

    I am currently reading a book called Crazy Love, it's nonfiction about the church and what it looks like and what it should be like. Interesting reading. Also reading the Relationship Principles of Jesus, which is part of a bible study I'm in...40 days of Love.

    Happy to report no upcoming Trips. I've been to Pigeon Forge, Nashville and Chicago all within the last month and a half, and I must say, I'm done traveling for now. :)

    Hope your week is good!!