Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crabby Christmas to You

"I just can't help it. Yes, I get crabby when I am decorating the tree and people get in my way. Yes, I get a somewhat nasty tone in my voice. What of it?!"

"I do it all by myself for years and NOW they want to help? I wouldn't even put it up if it weren't for my being bullied about it!"

Facebook update and my comment following it on Tuesday night.

Yup, I said all that. I can be a real piece of work when pushed. I don't know why or how it happened but I am the grinch. I celebrate Jesus 365 days a year and would be happy to sing happy birthday on December 25th. However, the three month lead up to it makes me nasty!

Nasty is a choice, I know. I don't have to be nasty. Usually, I am not. If I could only figure out what makes me feel so put out this time of year.

Yes, I mentioned the months it takes to come and go.

There's not having the eye on the prize, God becoming man.

Here's one to start an argument: lying to children about a white-bearded man visiting in the middle of the night and leaving gifts for good girls and boys.

How about cranky people spending money they don't have to give to people they may or may not even like?

I used to bake and bake and give the cookies and candies I made as gifts. After it became a drudgery, I spent a few more years begrudgingly doing it and then just stopped. I also realized I was becoming prideful because my cookies were the best to look at and to taste. Really, they were amazing.

We tend to want to show the best of ourselves on our blogs. Here I am showing my warts. I am a prideful, sometimes nasty person saved by grace.

Thank you, Jesus, for giving up your heavenly throne so that I might have eternal life. Because you lived as a man, I can never say, "You don't understand."


  1. DEar G, thank you for this honest post. I know how you feel. But for the sake of my young children I'm still pressing on. haha.. I was crabby today too! but we made it through the day. I've yet to do my Christmas shopping, I keep postponing, but the date is drawing near, so soon I must face the crowd! Take good care this blessed Christmas.

  2. My husband and family care more about the decorations and tree than I do, but somehow it ends up being my job to do it all....yes, I "get" the crabby attitude! I've been reducing some of the things I've felt I "should" do (cards, baking, decorating etc.) and that has helped, but I know what you mean. Gail, we are ALL nasty people saved by glad to know I'm not alone! Bless you, friend!

  3. The older I get and the more I see people buying presents and commercials/companies pushing us to buy presents the more I am aggravated by the whole thing.
    If you celebrate Christmas, either secular or not, it should be about sharing love. Not about how many presents are under the tree.