Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Blessed Christmas to You

It seems that my last post upset one of my faithful readers; someone I love like a sister. This, along with Himself's cajoling and a very convicting sermon this morning, has caused me to try, ever so hard, to get into a proper Christmas spirit.

"There is one found worthy The Lion of the tribe of Judah There is one found worthy The root of David."

Only one is worthy of all blessing, honor and glory. Only one can wash away my sin. Only one can comfort the hurting. Only one can take away any bitterness in me.

There are twenty families suffering unimaginable pain and sorrow this holiday season. Their babies were brutally slain along with a number of school personnel. How dare I gripe.

Loving Father, please forgive me my bitter attitude which I have blamed on offense for your Son. You are bigger than I and you speak for yourself. Please keep me watchful and prayerful now and always for those who hurt. Thank you for your forgiveness. In Jesus' most precious name do I pray.


  1. Gail,

    I too have had to repent of a lot of wrong attitudes, I was bought down last week, by a number of different incidents and people. However the person who could have prevented that, was myself with the help of my saviour Jesus Christ Our Lord.
    I didn't, I went on a self righteous pity party and I was definitely challenged and bought to a halt by the terrible heartbreaking events at the

    Sin and wrong attitudes are still knocking on my door today, but I rebuke the enemy and send Jesus to answer.

    God Bless - Love and Hugs - Nita

  2. Ok, I had to go catch up on the last post. Sometimes I too wonder if I am offending people who may stumble upon my blog, but the reality is I started blogging as a journal, for me and my children, so I owe it to us to be honest, to portray my life, my thoughts exactly as they are. To sensor myself would be dishonest.

    The truth is we as humans can't be boxed in and stuck with one label. You are kind. Oh you are bad. You are pretty. You are smart........ etc.

    The truth is I am everything wrapped into one because I am human. The struggle with day to day life is trying to do better than the day before. To make more righteous choices, to love more, to serve more on our journey.

    But sometimes we stumble and complain and feel sorry for ourselves. Sometimes we just need to whine and have someone tell us it's okay. I am telling you it's okay.

    Life is short and time and money is precious. So bake only for those you want to. Buy only when you find a meaningful gift for a meaningful person.

    My opinion is............ it's okay.

  3. I am like Marie. I had to go back and catch up with your other post. I must say, I agree with what she said. I also agree with your post from the other day. This is your blog. There are times when you want to be full of cheer and there are times, like many of us, that you just need to vent. I am a believer too. You know that...and I believe that God cherishes honesty. The truth is that many Christians turn into liars and become very prideful around Christmas. Christmas is about Jesus and as you have stated very clearly, people lie to their kids about Santa and allow the true glory to be stolen from God. If we would just tell the truth, Saint Nicholas was a great man, but he's not here anymore and Jesus loves us. He is the real reason for our celebrations.

    Someone may get really upset with me, but it's ok. You needed a moment and nothing you said was out of line. You didn't dive off the deep end. Like so many times when you have comforted me, I hope you give it back to you. I'm sure God forgave your quick repentance, but He also knows your heart. He knows that you cherish family, friends, quality time, and celebrating Him. He also knows that sometimes His people need to be real and love it when we do so.

    I'm going to stop now...I could keep going forever. As Marie stated "My opinion's ok"~ ditto~

  4. Gail...thank you thank you thank you for being honest and real. I think only "showing" our good sides scare non-Christians away. Of course, so can our bad sides, of course. But being REAL and admitting we are sinful but saved by grace is truthful and not hypocritical, which is so important. Besides that, it makes the rest of us feel not alone when we have similar feelings. Merry Merry Christmas!!! Prayers that next year you (and I) will be able to rejoice in the reason for the season and not concentrate on the "to-dos" that seem to go with it. God Bless!

  5. Thanks for being honest, Gail... I love that. I think Christmas can bring out the best - and the worst - in us. Also, the putting-on-a-perfect-life face is why I am on sabatical from Facebook. It made me feel unhappy about my own life. I think we Christians owe it to the rest of the world to be our very best but not portray an false reality in our lives, if that makes sense. We all stumble, but Christ picks us up.

  6. DEarest G, popping by to wish you a Blessed New Year. :)
    wth love and hugs,

  7. Gail, your honesty is always so refreshing. We all have our things that build up on us and make us feel frustrated, it's so natural. Don't feel badly for feeling that way about things. There will always be someone worse off than you, but it doesn't mean that what's happening in your life or how you feel about something becomes invalid. (i mean, it doesn't mean that you're not allowed to get angry or sad about the little things, if you know what i mean) In comparison with the atrocity you mentioned, our struggles feel so tiny, but everybody gets frustrated at some point and it's nice that you are honest :)

    Happy new year Gail :)

  8. I hope that your Christmas was beautiful and I hope that your New Year will be very happy.

  9. Thank you for your comment Gail, so nice to think that you've been to (or near) the place that I live. I hope that my pictures etc bring back happy memories :) Did you see the needles of the Isle of Wight? A friend of mines little girl said they look like little elephants, which I thought was quite sweet :) (maybe with a little imagination :)

  10. Happy New Year, Gail!

    I look forward to reading more on your blog this year. :)

  11. Gail, there is a post on my page... it's just very, very short!