Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rerun Plus

A little something from a few years ago:

November 25, 2006
True Colors (Colours for my English Influenced Buds)
Recently, I learned that the colors leaves turn in autumn are the true colors of the leaves. Green is their camouflage for the summer because of a little thing called chlorophyll. (My dictionary is getting a good working out with this post!)

Autumn is my favorite season. The crisp air and the changing leaves. Maybe one of the reasons it is so beautiful is because we are seeing true colors instead of a facade (not to say that the green of summer isn't stunning).

Truth is, everyone wears a facade at least some of the time. Most people wear a mask to keep from getting hurt. Don't you agree? It is my experience that, when I am able to gain the trust of someone and their mask is down, I see such beautiful colors! True colors! When the true colors of a person are evil, I try to be loyal in praying that they will find the Savior so their colors will become vibrantly beautiful. God wishes that all would come to Him and be in communion with Him.

September 27, 2009
I love, love, love autumn; the sights and smells. I wish I could transport those of you who have never experienced this season here.
Himself and I went with friends to their shore house this weekend. It was too windy for the beach so we hung out on the balcony and inside and then went to a fab restaurant for dinner. It's always good to spend time with them.
Sorry for not posting a falderal last week. It completely slipped my mind. This Friday, okay?
Blessings for the week to come, g


  1. I'm embarrassed to admit that I did not know that about leaves :-S

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