Friday, April 4, 2014


I have very few heroes in my life.  However, those I deem worthy of the title are inspiring to say the least.

There is the little girl who puts on the best calm face she can all day long so she can fit in with her "peers" to the best of her ability.  Her tears at the end of the day are the release of her anxieties and the strain of "keeping it all together."  She rocks my world with her bravery.

Another person has a spouse who is very sick.  Going to work and taking care of business when one's heart hurts can be torture but this person plods on through the mire in faith that better days are ahead.  

Anxiety and fear claim much of my next hero's day.  Yet, one step at a time, this trooper carries on, fulfilling the needs of others whilst trying to grab a toehold on healing.

My next hero works quietly behind the scenes helping where needed.  You won't hear a peep as need after need is met.  No glory hound is this.  Nothing is asked in return except that others might follow this example.

Who are your heroes?

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  1. I never really thought about it.
    I guess my father. He did for our family and never complained. He was strict but he taught his children to be good people.