Monday, April 2, 2012

Blue, blue my world is blue...

...if you are of a certain age, you might recognize this as the opening line of the Theme From Romeo and Juliet by Henry Mancini, 1969. No nasty comments about age, please.

Well, this is the day the the world lights up blue for International Autism Awareness Day!

Just look at the places that have lit it up blue!

Why blue? I don't know. Maybe it is because autism is prevalent in boys and the founders of Autism Speaks have a grandson on the spectrum?

Whatever. My porch will be lit up tonight and the rest of the month. How about you? Will you join me?



  1. Hi Gail, I have a couple of friends with Autistic children and my heart really feels for them as I see them try to live a life of normality with so many struggles. I hear you girlfriend! Yep, I will support you, I'm sure I could go out and purchase a couple of blue light bulbs for my patio.

    Now, as it happens, a news program here called "A Current Affair" had a very interesting news story on last night about and iPad app...

    "A new iPad application is set to revolutionise the way children with autism communicate with loved ones. We review the new treatment tool and speak to parents that say it could be a big leap in autism management."

    Here's the link to the story if you would like to watch a couple minutes of the video...

    There's also a few other links on the website that may be of interest to you.

    For more information about the iPad and iPod app, visit:

    For more information about Autism support, visit:

    Autism Awareness Australia

    Autism Spectrum Australia

    Okay, catch up with you again soon.
    Love, Kerrie

  2. What a lovely idea :) I'm going to watch this video now!

    In my little cold flat, I usually have candles lit on my windowsill, so I will light a candle in my pretty lantern instead for the month :)

    Thank you for your comment yesterday :)

    Nikki – inspire nordic

  3. That's a way cool idea. The buildings look beautiful blue and it's a good way to raise awareness. Thanks for posting.

  4. Yes I remember watching that movie Romeo & Juliet way back in 69.
    Just enjoyed it through and through.
    Yep Blue is one colour that figures in many places/songs/pictures. Remember Blue Lagoon?


    Gail, I have an email to send you with a photograph... Keep an eye out for it, as sometimes they go in the junk mail box.

    Toodle Loo, Kangaroo :)

  6. I sent the email... just wondering did if you've received it?