Tuesday, April 24, 2012


When a person becomes a teacher, it ought to be because they love, I mean LOVE children and desire making a positive difference in the lives of their students.

When a person becomes a special needs teacher, this love and desire to make a difference in childrens' lives needs to be multiplied several times over.

There is no greater trust that a parent can give than for a person to spend hours of time with their child. When a child doesn't have the ability to communicate clearly, the trust factor has to be even greater.

It is with a heavy heart that I share this:

This is unacceptable. I believe it is time to have cameras in all special needs classrooms first and then in every classroom across the country. When I was in fourth, fifth and sixth grade, I had teachers who were abusive. This was in an academically talented situation. That is why I say cameras need to be in EVERY classroom.

Who will speak out for our precious, precious children?


  1. It takes a very special person to be a teacher. Last year was very difficult for my son with an abusive teacher. Her yelling frightened me! My complaints fell on deaf ears. There needs to be much better monitoring of teachers. A quick visit by the principal doesn't do a thing, of course the teacher is going to be on their best behaviour. Camera's seem to be the way in most major towns and cities to prevent crime, so why not schools. Abuse is CRIMINAL!!!

    Great post Gail!!!

  2. Good post. I couldn't watch the video though. I was afraid of what I might hear on it. We have been seriously blessed with our teachers here and especially with our SPED teachers. But I agree with you. There needs to be some kind of monitoring system in place. When my younger brother was in ECSE (at the same school where my kids now attend, actually), there was a teacher's area that had their desks, etc. but it also had a window through which a parent could watch the classroom if they chose to do so. I did a few times (nope, not a parent but I still could do it) and I thought that was such a good idea. Now though, it isn't possible to do that. They don't have the school set up the same way anymore. Thankfully, I don't think we need it with our current teachers.

  3. Yeah, that's just crazy. Children are so special. People should never be mean to them!

  4. Great post. We must all become more aware of what goes on, and cherish the good teachers.


  5. Working with special needs children is a gift, and one that takes great patience. I am a teacher, but could not do it. Even educating my children at home can cause frustration, how much more, would working with special needs kids. The teachers need to be fully screened, have adequate help, and time off to rest and recoupe. They themselves need to know when it is time to retire, or have lost patience, and can potentially be abusive. So, your suggestion, (although seemingly an affront to privacy), to have video cameras, would certainly hold all teachers in this situation accountable each day. Thanks for your timely post,Gail...just stopping by from the A to Z Challenge.

  6. I think camera's are a great idea in ALL classrooms. Fortunately my kids go to a great school and have wonderful, caring teachers, but I know that is not always the case. So glad this father was proactive in getting his message out.

  7. I'm a typical Momma Bear. I will do anything for my wee Baby Bears!

  8. My husband heard about this on the news tonight and told me about it and now I have seen the video, and it saddens me and makes me angry that a teacher or anyone else could be so cruel to an innocent child. I think their should be camera's to protect the vulnerable. My heart goes out to this boy and his family, as well as others who suffer these kind of injustices. I can't believe these people still have jobs, and the ones who tried to cover this up are just as guilty.
    Thank you for speaking out Gail and posting this.