Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Oh, No!

It is late, I am tired (probably from staying awake last night trying to figure out a topic for today) and I've got nothing, nada, nil.

Oh, but we have made it through more than half of the challenge.

Oh, we have been having summer weather in April.

Oh, the local honey has been making my allergies manageable.

Oh, my parents had to cancel going on their trans-atlantic cruise because my father thought he could tough out a tooth ache and didn't do anything about it for two weeks...

Oh, I am selfishly relieved that they didn't go.

Oh, figuring out local politics has been exhausting (I think I just figured out tomorrow's blog post).

Oh, I don't want to move to Florida like Himself does even though it is so expensive to live here.

Oh, enough already. Good night, dear ones.


  1. Oh, that was great! :) good night!

  2. Oh, I hope you have a really good night's sleep. Sweet Dreams! xOx