Wednesday, April 18, 2012

(Local) Politics

In my town, we have a board of commissioners. Nine people are running for five commission seats and the person who gets the most votes is the mayor.

With this being an election year, to introduce the candidates, private citizens have "teas" in their homes where they serve snacks and have a candidate or two talk about themselves and their vision for the town. I have attended two and plan to go to a League of Women Voters round table or whatever they are calling it.

This is the first time I have attended any political interest meetings in town. Why now? I am becoming a one or two issue voter. I want to know how, or if, the candidates are thinking of the future needs of our special needs loved ones.

Statistics can be skewed but if the 1 in 88 statistic for Autism Spectrum Disorder is accurate, and even if it isn't the rate is still high, we are looking at an epidemic. What is going to happen as this population ages? As their parents age and can't care for them?
So far, I think I might have one candidate thinking about this, after all, he is a politician. Maybe my being places where I can stir the stagnant pot of the status quo will make a difference (oooo, I like that). g


  1. I absolutely love your wording there, Gail. Stir the pot of the status quo. You do it! It seems to me that I can (and should!) be doing that as well. There are a few issues I have taken an interest in here lately, most of them regarding education and parental rights. But I think I am going to work hard to be more involved. We don't have teas like you guys do there, but it sounds like something that would be interesting to do. Keep it up Gail! Upset that status quo and make them consider our Special Needs citizens (oh yeah, not just the kids - ALL of them!) :D

  2. The teas sound so charming, I am assuming you live in a small town. I too want to get more involved in the politics of my community, good for you.

  3. I can't vote in my town elections. I live 2 miles out so I can only vote county. But, it's good to get involved with causes that are near to you. It is something to worry about.