Friday, April 5, 2013

Dropping Names

Psst...come here. A little closer. I've got something to tell you. I once met Cliff Robertson! Yup, Spiderman's Uncle Ben! He was a famous actor who left this world last year.

Oh, and my late father-in-law was a cameraman for The Honeymooners and Soupy Sales. When Soupy would talk to "Uncle Sal," he was talking to my father-in-law. He met many stars and public figures.

I have met Don Imus a couple of time - well, when I was a teenager. Also, I sang in a rock band when I was a teen. The band was called Back Rhodes. (Don't ask.)

However, the most famous, wonderful superstar I have ever met is, ready for this? Jesus Christ! Yup, forty years ago I made His personal acquaintance! Giving my life to Him broke the chains that had held me close to this world.

Yes, of all the people I have ever met, the Son has never let me down, always been available and has never witheld love from me. I always know where I stand with Him. You see, I am royalty because my Father is a King and His son is the Prince of Peace! Shhh.....oh,never mind, tell everyone! Shout it from the mountain tops! If you need peace, here is how to find it:

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  1. Jesus is the most wonderful person to meet.

  2. I had an uncle with the last name Rhodes and so I have cousins with that last name.