Saturday, April 27, 2013

Until We Meet Again

Being a Christian, I believe that I will be in heaven for forever. Also there will be those I love who love the Lord Jesus Christ. It used to be that when someone would leave for the mission field or even to another state I would be very sad. Now, although not happy to see them leave, I anticipate spending eternity together! Just over twenty years ago the Billy Graham Crusade came to my area. I was blessed to be able to sing in the chorus. As I walked the concourse of the stadium, I saw a number of people I once knew from churches I had attended. Seeing them was a taste of of the wonderful reunions we will experience in heaven! No more farewells for me. I can now say, "Until we meet again."


  1. I agree wholeheartedly! In our religion (Latter Day Saints) the Young Men and Women go on missions when they are 18 & 19 respectively. Glenn went to Argentina and preached for 2 years! My sister went to Thailand and most everyone in my church serves a mission at some point. It must be so hard for mommas to send off their boys (that will be me in 10 years!!!! Yikes!!!) but we will meet again.

    We also believe in life after death, so although there is heartache here on this earth, we will all be together in the end!

    Thanks for sticking with me Gail. I didn't mean to be so dramatic about my last post, just needed to vent a little. I always appreciate your sincere comments, there are a handful of bloggers I definitely feel connected to and will always make time for because they leave me feeling uplifted! Have a great week :)