Thursday, April 11, 2013

How Ya Doin'?

How ya doin? Hi. Howdy. Hello there. What's up? How are you? Hey. Aloha. All are forms of greeting in the United States of America.

People from outside of the area think that people from New Jersey and New York only say, "How ya doin'?" No, not everyone. That affectation doesn't apply to anyone but my son who seems to desperately want to sound regional!

Me? I tend to say, "Hey," or "Hiya." Occasionally, "Greetings." I know. I am weird.

How about where you live? What is the usual greeting?


  1. It tends to be Hi or Hello, or often people say "Alright"

  2. Apart from the usual greetings, I sometimes say "How's it goin'?" or "Alight?" and in the morning I either great my colleagues with a very enthusiastic "Morning!" or a less enthusiastic "Has the kettle boiled?" ;-)

  3. I said hey for way too long, now I make a point of saying HI or Hello, it just sounds a little fancier to me than hey.

  4. I say hello when I answer the phone. In person, I say hi.