Saturday, April 25, 2015

Singing and Obedience

Singing is one of the most beautiful ways God gives us to express ourselves.  We can sing of sorrow, joy, pain, delight, healing, longing, any emotion actually.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been singing since I was a small child.  We used to put on shows to raise money for charity.  Then choruses and choirs throughout my schooling and church.

This year I finally was obedient to God's call and joined my church's worship team.  It had been years since I was in front of a microphone and I was afraid.  However, I know that obedience brings revelation and blessings so, after fighting God for years on this issue, there I stood there, knees knocking.  It took a few Sundays but now it is comfortable and fun.

What has God been calling you to do that you have stubbornly be resisting? 


  1. Funny you should mention singing! I am now more comfortable with soloing, but before I started, I would have told you I would NEVER have done it! When I was asked by the pastor to sing though, it seemed that I could not refuse to use whatever God put on his heart to ask me to do in His service. I said I would and proceeded to pray for the right spirit. I sang, though I was shaking and couldn't look at anyone. Each time before I sing, I pray earnestly that God will use me and take the "me" out of it, and I am always (though I shouldn't be) amazed at what He does while I am singing.
    Donna S.
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    1. Good for you, Donna! It truly is all about Him.